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Get More Out of Salesforce

As a Salesforce customer, you’ve already made the right move to keep your sales team on top. You know how Salesforce gives you both a high-level view of your sales business and the ability to drill into specific areas of rep productivity, pipeline, lead conversion, and more. Do you want to get more out of Salesforce?

  • What if you could get even more out of the world’s #1 CRM system?
  • What if you could automate every manual process in your sales cycle?
  • What if you could create customizations that map to your team’s unique needs?
  • What if you could connect Salesforce to other business applications and easily develop customizations, custom apps, and new ways of connecting to your customers?

The reality is Salesforce customers are already doing all this, and more. By creating workflows, automating processes, customizing, developing and innovating, our customers see some impressive results. From a 35% increase in sales productivity to a 30% increase in lead conversion, it’s no wonder the average customer sees a 25% increase in revenue.

Dallas CRM can help

Dallas CRM can help you with Salesforce Marketing, Sales and Service Automation.

We are Certified Salesforce Consultants which allows us to provide you with best-in-class CRM features, security, performance and scalability.

Learn about the many ways we can engage with you, to help you make Salesforce a power for positive change in your business.