Salesforce CRM Customization and Configuration Services

Salesforce CRM Customization and Configuration Services can be used to configured your Salesforce Org with built-in tools using clicks instead of code for quick deployment of new features. It can also be highly customized using code and other technologies to satisfy any business requirement.

Customization Services

Benefits of Customization

We know tailoring Salesforce to your specific needs will help your business. Here are some typical results:

Revenue increase. According to Salesforce Relationship Survey, using Salesforce helps a deals win rate to grow up to 25%. We’ll help you achieve those results and more with Salesforce customizations. Enhancements ensure that all the CRM-related processes are fine-tuned, necessary integrations are provided, and customer communication is efficient and personalized. All these factors add up to an increase in revenue.
High ROI. According to a Nucleus Research study, every dollar spent on CRM returns as much as $8.71 in sales revenue.
Productivity increase. According to Salesforce Relationship survey, using Salesforce leads to sales productivity increase of up to 25%.

Here's how we tailor the Salesforce platform to your specific requirements

The Dallas CRM team is ready to tailor Salesforce for you. We attempt to do most of the tailoring using the declarative method, utilizing built-in features to configure the platform. We refer to this as developing with clicks versus code. It allows for quicker development and minimal impact to the platform. It can also be highly customized using code and other technologies to satisfy any business requirement.
Salesforce Configuration (clicks not code)
We suggest using the built-in point-and-click Salesforce configuration tools when modifying the user interface (UI), data model and business logic of Salesforce if possible. The list of possible configurations includes creating reports and dashboards, workflows and validation rules, tabs and apps with default Salesforce tools. To include installing AppExchange applications.
Salesforce customization (coding)

If you need specific Salesforce functionality impossible to obtain with configuration, we offer Salesforce code customization. You need to code when:

  • You have a large amount of data and complex business logic that can’t be fully covered with configurable Salesforce functionality.
  • If configured reports and dashboards cannot include all the necessary data about your business processes.
  • If you have integrations with external systems (like ERP, an ecommerce system, etc.) and they crucial for your business

Here's What You Can Expect

Depending on your business requirements, the complex nature of your internal processes and the amount of data you use, as mentioned above, we modify your Salesforce solution with built-in configuration tools or custom development using the Lightning Platform.
We create new custom objects to hold additional information. These objects include new fields, and records specifically for your needs. This extends Salesforce beyond its standard configuration.
We embed business rules using Apex triggers, which helps to automate sales, service and marketing processes. Think of automation when you hear the word trigger.
We can automate recurring tasks with workflows and Apex triggers, like sending email notifications and assigning follow-up tasks. Using the built-in configuring tools like Workflow rules, Flow and Process Builder, and adding Apex code we can automate many normal tasks usually performed by a data entry operator. Not only is the entry automated, you’ll find fewer input mistakes as well.
If you require large data loads regularly, we can provide bulk processing of data. Bulk data processing is a best practice. Operations like mass updating of records, weekly lead evaluation and other tasks. Custom bulk trigger are created to filter and clean data before it is inserted into Salesforce.
We can help you create custom email templates that use a custom style that makes it easier to manage what users are sending.
To bring visibility into your data, we create custom reports and dashboards for sales, marketing and service professionals. These custom reports can include specific figures, which can’t be properly determined with standard reporting functionality of Salesforce. We use Apex code retrieve this data and present it on the report page.
We can integrate with third-party systems, like ERP, ecommerce systems, social media, email, etc. These integrations can create real value to users in your organization. We use REST/SOAP API web services and a range of built-in tools (like Files Connect) or custom tools developed from scratch to make such integration possible.

Salesforce Technology Stack

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