Salesforce CRM App Development Services

With Salesforce App Development Services we build internal applications for Salesforce Org that help you improve or transform sales, marketing and customer service processes that can’t be addressed with regular CRM functionality.

Salesforce App Development

Type of Salesforce apps we build

  • Сomplex apps that add substantial functionality to Salesforce. They cover the needs in improving or transforming internal business processes that can’t be addressed with regular CRM functionality.
  • Small apps to solve a set of specific tasks within Salesforce, like document generation, lead assignment.

Our approach to app development

  • Efficient project management when developing custom applications for internal use. We work with your team to understand and prioritize requirements and ensure we’re in full alignment with the app’s functionality, short and long-term. We can adapt quickly to changing requirements, and stay flexible at every project stage.
  • Quality. The quality of apps we develop is our top priority. You get a bug-free app that functions as intended and provides a smooth and logical user experience.
  • Long-term support and enhancements. Even after launch of your new app we’ll adjust it based on changing business needs by modifying its existing features or complementing it with new functionality.
  • Reasonable costs. Leveraging our experience in project management and app deployment, we can help avoid the project’s scope and cost creep and deliver cost-efficient apps, without compromising their quality.
  • Project timeline flexibility. Changing of a project’s start date due to real-time business challenges is understandable, we’ll adapt to the change. If you decide to shift a project’s timeline for other key development phases, we’ll also adapt to the change.

App Development Life-cycle

Business or requirements analysis
  • Business analysis is what we start with when creating a custom application. We hold individual or group brain-storming meetings with you to collect or elicit requirements. Then we interpret the requirements, including conflicting ones, and prioritize them to deliver the most important functionality first. We then present the prioritized business and functional system requirements in a detailed outline and gain alignment with you on all aspects of the app.

UI/UX design

  • We make Salesforce applications user-friendly and highly responsive. Depending upon the scope (and complexity) of the app, we outline the user journeys and creating a UI prototype of a the app.


  • We develop apps with comprehensive functionality in small iterations to deliver features according to their priority. To allow us to move quickly and adapt to your new or changing requirements, we build a baseline first. Then we can quickly deliver other features, adding them as required. This allows users to start using an app as soon as possible and leverage new features right after they’re rolled out.

  • As for building small apps, we provide a quick at-once delivery, which suits the app’s size and purpose most.


  • To ensure high quality and stable performance of our Salesforce applications, we carry out a set of QA activities, like unit tests and code reviews, performed by our Salesforce developers. We perform continuous testing activities within the development process, namely functional testing, performance testing, and integration testing (when needed).


  • We connect custom applications with third-party software, like content management systems, either with default tools for Salesforce integration or with custom integration tools built from scratch.


  • We provide training materials and hands-on training sessions to end users to increase user adoption of custom applications.

App Launch

  • When we launch your app, we transfer the tested custom application to the UAT (User Acceptance Testing) environment. As soon as the customer accepts the application, it is migrated to the production environment and made available to end users

  • As for launching small apps, at times, we can quickly develop and push to production environment and made available to end users.


  • We deliver after-launch support to custom applications. We tune the application’s features and take measures for user adoption beyond user training 

Salesforce Technology Stack

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