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Case Study: Salesforce Account and Contact records are duplicated.

Industry: Manufacturing

Problem: My Sales Reps don’t have confidence in our system and processes because there are duplicate accounts and contacts. And no one knows what records are the right ones.

Solution: Follow a proven step by step process to remove dupes and configure Salesforce to help eliminate duplicates in the future, and build in additional process to monitoring and maintain high quality data.
Results: Users are happy, managers have better insight into pipelines and activity. Everyone is benefiting from using Salesforce.
The Details: #1 create reports to group data by differing types, #2 identify dupes, #3 remove dupes through deletion and merging, #4 modify organization wide sharing rules to allow all users to have access to accounts and contacts #5 configure duplicate rules to warm and restrict entry, and add addition validation rules to encourage  adding additional information to account and contact records upon entry.

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