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Do You Really Need Salesforce Sales Automation?

Great salespeople understand their customer and have a knack for delivering just the right message to prompt a purchase.

Behind the scenes, though, these same salespeople rely on tools that remove the busy work to get them a meeting in the first place.

This technology includes:

  • Email scheduling: Software helps you strategically send emails when prospects are most likely to open them
  • Autodialing apps: Tools that enable you to instantly jump from one call to the next to minimize downtime
  • Time-based follow-ups: Automated reminders ensure no contacts are left untouched for prolonged periods of time

Average Percentage Improvements Reported by Salesforce Customers






A common concern among salespeople was that technology, especially artificial intelligence, would replace them or make their jobs obsolete.

Instead, the sales automation has evolved in a way that made it easier for sellers to build and scale their book of business faster.

Salesforce Sales Automation offers users a number of advantages.

These include:

  • Advanced deal management.
  • Faster lead scoring and prioritization.
  • Smarter lead assignment distribution.
  • Automated lead nurturing.
  • Accelerated response times.
  • Data-backed sales forecasting.
  • Consolidated and regular reporting.
  • Smoother collaboration and communication.
  • Regular reminders for tasks.
  • Seamless scheduling.
  • Create faster proposals.

Salesforce Sales Automation leads to six key outcomes:

  • Boost in productivity.
  • Improvement in lead-to-sales ratios.
  • Shortened sales cycle.
  • Insightful data.
  • Fewer lost leads.
  • Reduced costs per sale.

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