How to keep your sales team connected and focused on deals

COVID changed how we work, overnight. Cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) systems like Salesforce helped us stay productive, but there were so many other changes to how we work. No more seminars, welcome to Zoom. No more in-person meetings. Zoom to the rescue again. Employees became at home teachers. All of these changes, combined with rethinking how to better serve customers in light of a rapidly changing environment, had leaders worried about productivity and progress. CRM’s need to do more.

How Do You Keep Productive

How do you keep your employees productive without burning them out? How can businesses continue meeting customer expectations when it’s much harder for employees to communicate and scale their efforts? How do we reduce the enormous strain and complexity an increasingly remote workforce puts on IT teams?

Salesforce heard customers ask these very questions, and recognized they had to do more. The Salesforce platform had to help customers keep their employees productive, efficient, and connected to their customers during the pandemic, and beyond.

We’re taking the best of Salesforce technology to improve the CRM experience — from anywhere.

  • S​ell, service, market, and more from anywhere​.
  • Collaborate from anywhere.
  • Work from anywhere.
  • Data from anywhere.
  • Skill up from anywhere.

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Future-proof your CRM experience

The pandemic won’t be the last disruption for your company. Customer expectations will continue to push your business to evolve. Accordingly, you need a CRM that can flex with you and help you grow your business no matter the circumstance.

But is your CRM making you more productive or slowing you down? What about the data, processes, and workflows outside of your CRM? Is that information being captured to build a complete view of your customer?

Your team wants software tools that are simple, collaborative, and powerful. Let’s look at the four pillars a CRM must have to help you grow in an ever-changing environment.

  • Allows you to work from anywhere
  • Does the heavy-lifting for you
  • Keeps business processes, data, communication, and people in one place
  • Collaboration is native and contextual

Read More: (more details and video)

Dallas CRM can help

Dallas CRM can help you with Salesforce Marketing, Sales and Service Automation.

We are a Salesforce Partner which allows us to provide you with best-in-class CRM features, security, performance and scalability.

Learn about the many ways we can engage with you, to help you make Salesforce a power for positive change in your business.

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